Youth Work Day at Larry’s Garage (Dec. 16, 2017)

Story and photos by Mark Wing

Larry Azevedo arranged for a Youth Work Day at his garage on Saturday, Dec. 16th.  The purpose of this work party was to teach a new generation about Model Ts by getting hands-on experience working on a 1919 Model T touring car.  This beautiful T is owned by one of our senior members, Bill Barnhouse (a WWII veteran).  The touring car had been stored in a garage for years, and Bill’s son Gene, wanted to get the car running again in anticipation of the car being gifted to Bill’s grandson who is in his twenties.

Two young Model T enthusiasts were at Larry’s this day.  Will is the nine year old grandson of Tin Lizzies club members Vern and Pat Willan.  Richie and his father Pat are Larry’s neighbors and this was their first visit to Larry’s garage.  As a special treat, Larry gave Will and Richie driving lessons around his soccer field in his 1923 Model T truck.  The kids had a blast taking turns behind the wheel – no doubt a memory that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives!

Dave Ferro mentored Will in checking and topping off fluids and performing other maintenance tasks on the 1919 touring car.  Prior to the Youth Work Day, Larry had made lists of all the things that needed to be done.  Vern Willan cleaned the carburetor while Steve Langdon replaced a malfunctioning Bendix.  The Bendix would engage, but the pinion gear wouldn’t retract.  Other contributors included Gene Barnhouse, Roger Burton, Paul and Marilyn Duncan, Larry Langdon, Jeff Richards, Kirk Peterson, Eddie Paquette, and Mark Wing.  One these maintenance items were done, the car started!

Larry had recently had a top made for his 1915 Model T couplet and was anxious to show it to the Work Party attendees.  The top was made from a high-quality simulated leather and lined with a wool broadcloth fabric.  This car was restored by Larry’s late father George Azevedo (Santa Clara, CA chapter of the MTFCA) and is now ready to be enjoyed in inclement New Mexico weather and on upcoming tours.

Another project on this work day was Eddie Paquette working on rod cap adjustments on his speedster engine.  Larry Langdon and his son Steve are looking forward to working on a 1926 Model T coupe in need of repairs.  The car was at Larry’s on a trailer and will be worked on once the Barnhouse 1919 touring car is sorted out.

Thank you Larry for a memorable and productive Youth Work Day!