Work Party at Larry’s Garage (Oct. 15, 2016)

On this unseasonably warm Saturday in mid-October, projects at Larry’s Garage included the Langdon’s continuing work on their 1926 coupe, the Lance family made progress on their 1919 engine and transmission, and Mark Wing brought a front axle for disassembly.

New Tin Lizzies’ members, Steve and Larry Langdon, brought Steve’s 1926 coupe to Larry Azevedo’s garage a few work parties ago, initially, to repair the Bendix.  Since then, the Langdon’s have also cleaned and repaired the fuel system, and were now focusing on the electrical system.  The wiring has been replaced and, on this day, they were rebuilding the coils.  The car starts and runs now after sitting idle for many years.

The Lance family were busily making progress on their 1919 engine/transmission rebuilding project.  On this day, Lance and Phil were preparing and installing parts associated with the transmission bands and the pan.

Mark Wing removed the front axle that came with his 1925 touring car.  Upon closer examination, it turned out to have a crack near the spindle bolt threads that was badly welded.  Using that original axle could be a safety issue, so Mark brought another front axle, with very similar cast markings, from his inventory for disassembly and cleaning.  This axle had been sitting out in the weather for quite some time and, although rusty and a little bent, was in pretty good shape. Disassembly was a real challenge and it didn’t want to come apart easily.  With Dave Ferro, Bob Ross, and Larry’s help, the frozen bolts were heated and pressed out.  The spindle holes had to be drilled out, but now that the axle has been cleaned up and, after some mild straightening, will be ready for installation.  New spring perches and a NOS wishbone will make the front end nice and tight.  Thank you Dave, Bob, and Larry for your help.