Work Party at Larry’s Garage (May 17-20, 2017)

Story by Larry Azevedo, edits and photos by Mark Wing

Wednesday, May 17

On our Wednesday work day, Vern Willan, Frank, Kirk, the Duncans and Bob Ross came to work on Vern Houston’s 1919 Model T roadster. We got the new gas tank installed, the carb linkage installed, the radiator filled with 50-50 distilled water and antifreeze, the final seat wood done, the rear seat springs installed, the tool box mounted, a battery cutoff switch installed and the spare tire mount installed! More to do tomorrow and Saturday, come one, come all! Larry

Thursday, May 18

We had more progress today, Dave Merewether, Paul Musgrave, Michael Housholder, and the Duncans came over to work on the roadster. The gas line got connected, most of the wiring finished, one headlight wired, the terminal block installed, a fuse block installed, the steering quadrant cleaned, greased and finished, the upholstery about ½ finished and work continues on the infamous door.  Larry

Saturday, May 20

On this day the Tin Lizzies had a big crowd show up at Larry’s garage to work on Vern Houston’s 1919 Roadster.  Roger Burton, the Duncans, Art Gebeau, Phil and Zack Lance, Mark Dominguez, Mark Wing, Don Mitchell, Kirby Oehmke participated in this work party.

Deb (Vern’s daughter) also showed up. The 1919 was acquired when Deb was 6 years old, and several decades later, the Houston family will see the Model T in drivable condition. We got a lot done – the door is finally finished, electrical wiring is almost done, the dash is in place, the upholstery is 95% done, the top bows are ready for covering and wood, the floorboards are finished, the lacing is on the radiator shell and cowl, the headlights are wired, the hot pipe on the carb is installed. The top material and coils have arrived.  Larry

Sunday & Monday, May 21 and 22

As a follow-up to this May 20th work party, the Duncan’s have since finished the upholstery and are now working on the top bows.

Thanks to all club members for your help!