Work Party at Larry’s Garage (June 13, 2015)

Larry held a work party following the Tin Lizzie breakfast at Weck’s in Rio Rancho.  Visiting the garage this day were Dumont Wing, Mark Wing’s father visiting from California, and Dan and Holly Rochford,  Larry and Lorna’s new neighbors (and new Tin Lizzie members) who recently moved from California.

The garage was very busy with a variety of projects going on.  Bill Hansen had his beautifully restored 1924 touring car on the hydraulic lift to remove the wheels and tighten the hub bolts.  Bill’s car was a show car from the east coast where conditions are much more humid than arid New Mexico.  The shrinking spokes, combined with Bill and Donna actually driving their car, resulted in loosening spokes and hub.  Bill removed each wheel, tightened the hub bolts, peened over the bolts, and remounted the wheels.  The car is now much safer and doesn’t make the distinctive “clacking” sound any longer.

Bob Ross was assisting Tom Miles by welding a wheel jack to Tom’s custom Model T trailer.

Nick Serna was grinding off excess babbitt from his rods.  The next step is to put them on Larry’s specialized rod boring lathe and match the rods to the crankshaft.

Tom MacGugan is a resident of Las Cruces, NM (located a few hours south of Albuquerque) and joined our club while attending the 2015 MTFCA business meeting in Garden Grove, CA (near Disneyland).  Tom brought a wheel to his 1927 touring car that had a split rim that was warped beyond repair.  A spare split rim was located and Tom used a coarse wire brush to remove dirt and old paint.  Larry media blasted the split rim prior to painting the areas where the inner tube and tire were to be mounted.  In the interest of time, it wasn’t practical to paint the exterior of the split rim and let it dry on this day as Tom needed to leave for home that afternoon.  Painting the split rim with silver paint was a task that Tom could take care of once he got his assembled wheel home.

Art Gebeau continued assembly of his transmission and was focusing on mating it to his newly rebuilt engine.

Thank you Larry for a great work party!