Work Party at Larry’s Garage (Jan. 27, 2018)

Captions and photos by Larry Azevedo, edited by Mark Wing
Larry’s garage (Corrales, NM) was a busy place on this Saturday, January 27.
Dave Ferro media basted and installed a more modern bushing in a replacement fan hub for his 1918 depot hack.  The original fan hub shaft had failed while Dave was driving to the last club breakfast. One of the fan blades broke off, so it was easier to find a replacement fan hub than try to fix the original one.  Many of the radiator fins were bent over when the fan blade tipped into the radiator, but the radiator cooling tubes weren’t impacted.  The car should be back on the road again shortly.
Phil Lance was installing new spindle bushings for his 1926 roadster.  When he took the front end apart at an earlier work party, Phil noticed that roadster was running on one 1926/27 spindle and one was the earlier style with the spindle located closer to the center of the part.  With matching later spindles and new bushings, the car will have much improved steering!
Don Mitchell, Eddy Paquette, and Paul Duncan volunteered to confirm the inventory of the parts owned by the club.  This collection of parts is maintained by Larry and were either purchased by the club or donated.  The inventory includes the most commonly used parts so repairs at Larry’s garage can be done quickly and efficiently without ordering/shipping delays and backlogs.  Club members are responsible to replace the parts they’ve used ASAP so the inventory remains well-stocked.
Progress continued on Cole Wedekind’s (Larry and Lorna’s grandson) 1927 touring car project.  The touring car was recently painted by Larry with the help of experienced painter Al Schwanke, and attention has now turned to upholstery.  The Paul and Marilyn Duncan brought a seat spring compressor they had built to aid the upholstery process and with other club members help, great progress was made!
Thanks everyone!