Work Party at Larry’s Garage (Jan. 10, 2015)

Larry held a work party following our club breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe’.

Bruce Daniel continued drilling and tapping the wheel adaptor plates to be able to use Model A wire wheels on his 1926 Model T roadster.  The drilling and tapping operations were performed on Larry’s milling machine to ensure accuracy and to maintain perpendicularity.

Dave Merewether brought a generator to disassemble for his 1923 Centerdoor.  The plate holding the brushes is broken and Dave was cannibalizing parts to build one complete and functional unit.

Luke and Vernon were working on Luke’s 1920 speedster.  Larry and Luke have been building the speedster over a long period of time and the project is coming close to completion.  Luke and vernon were attaching the battery holder to the frame.

Art, from the Milan area (1 hour west of Albuquerque), has been rebuilding his engine for a 1926 speedster.  The engine has been rebuilt with a lot of upgraded parts, such as a SCAT balance crank, and hotter cam.  His transmission is in pieces and is the next item on his list.

Nick Serna, newly retired from owning a barber shop, is restoring a 1926 Tudor, and has been working on the engine and transmission.  Larry was amazed that the newly assembled transmission was perfectly balanced without any tweaking!

Ethan Ortega, (who recently moved to Albuquerque from Portales, NM), has been planning a speedster project for some time.  Orlando, Ethan’s father, bought a late 1927 chassis from a fellow in Oklahoma.  The chassis is in nice condition, with only surface rust.  The engine mounted on the frame is a 1923.  Orlando also found a very restorable large-drum Ruckstell axle at an auction.  Between, the Ruckstell and the rear differential on the chassis, there should be sufficient parts in good condition to rebuild.  Dave Ferro, Ken Carpenter, Don Mitchell, and Ethan disassembled the Ruckstell and began cleaning the parts.