Work Party at Larry’s Garage (Dec. 12, 2015)

Larry held a work party at his garage on Saturday, December 12th – the last work party of the year.  There were a few projects needing attention this day.

Phil and Zak Vance brought a rear end assembly to be rebuilt.  Their plan is to build a 1926 or 27 speedster from parts that they’ve been collecting.  They have rear wire wheel hubs already, but were disappointed to learn that the rear end that they have came from an earlier (small rear drum) car.  They are on the lookout for a correct large-drum rear end.

Gerald Hash and his granddaughter Faith were dismantling an engine that Larry acquired from Northern California.  Larry wanted to take the engine apart and inventory the parts for later use.  Gerald and Faith made great progress and, in short order, they had torn the engine/transmission down with the parts ready for cleaning.  Faith is undoubtedly the most experienced young lady Model T mechanic in New Mexico!

Mark Wing had started rebuilding an engine/transmission for a January 1925 touring car over a year ago, but problems (such as a cracked low-band drum) with his late 1924 coupe kept the touring car project on the back burner.  On this Saturday, progress was made on the transmission.  The triple gears were reamed and the magnets mounted to the flywheel.  The magnets had been recharged earlier and each can lift a 2 lb weight.  The work party ended with the magnets in the process of being leveled using one of Larry’s specialized tools. This car is being built for touring in mind with a balanced SCAT crankshaft and a Stipe 280 camshaft.  It should be a good runner when complete.

Thank you Larry for another fun and productive work party!