Work Party at Larry’s Garage (Dec. 10, 2016)

Larry’s Garage was super busy on this Saturday, December 10th.  Mark Dominguez had recently acquired a set of 4 orange powder-coated 21″ wire wheels that required tire removal prior to powder coating them to Straw Yellow for his 1927 Model T touring car.  The original set of wire wheels on the car had developed cracks around the bolt holes and some of the spokes had begun to crack where they attach to the rim.  Kirk Peterson was helping Mark with that project.

The Lance family were continuing the final assembly of their 1919 engine.  They had an Atwater Kent distributor, and on this day, Larry milled out an original capacitor potted behind a metal cover to install a modern replacement.  After the distributor rebuild, the engine was close to being ready for startup on the test stand!

Larry was helping Scott Stewart babbitt the center main bearing for his Model A engine block.  The front and rear main bearings were in good condition, and only the center main bearing had failed.  The block was carefully prepared and the new babbitt poured.

Dave Ferro was assisting Mark W. by wire brushing a pair of running board supports for his 1925 touring car project.

Joining us for their first work party were Aaron and Liam.  Liam is 4 years old and he got a chance to clean some parts in a media blaster with his father.  They also had an opportunity to see a sampling of the wide-range of projects that comprise a typical work day at Larry’s garage.  We hope that they continue to come to the work parties, get involved in some projects, and enjoy the hobby.  In addition to being fun, it’s a great learning experience!

Thanks Larry!