Work Party at Larry’s Garage (Aug. 27, 2016)

Larry’s work party on August 27th was very well attended and busy!  Among the attendees was Frank Lewark, who was a Tin Lizzie member long ago and recently rejoined the club.  Frank came to the work party to check out Larry’s garage setup and he owns a few Model Ts in need of attention.

Projects included the Duncans working on their 1927 pickup bed.  When they purchased the pickup truck project, the bed components had been assembled with pop rivets and Paul and Marilyn wanted to remove them and replace them with the correct type.

Among the items brought by Larry from a recent trip to see his mother in Northern California was a large vintage surface grinder.  This addition to Larry’s well-equipped shop will be used for projects like flattening warped heads.  Bob Hawk, retired machinist from Sandia National Laboratories, got to test the grinder on this workday.

Kirk Peterson and Mark Dominguez were busy changing tires from a set of 21″ wire wheels with some broken spokes in favor of a set that Kirk recently had blasted and powder coated.

Ken Carpenter brought a carburetor in need of cleaning and rebuilding.

Phil Lance brought a hogs head with a crack that needed repair.  Larry brazed the crack with his gas welding equipment.  Phil’s pedals also had worn shafts and Larry had the rod stock to make new ones.  Phil was also on the lookout for a frame.  The frame on his recently purchased 1925 runabout had a extra plate welded on the front cross member, probably to correct a crack, and the easiest way to fix the problem is to replace the frame if possible.

Thanks Larry for a fantastic work party!