Tin Lizzie Breakfast at the Range Cafe’ (March 14, 2015)

Bill and Donna Hansen hosted the Tn’Vittles breakfast on Saturday, March 15th.  The destination was the Range Cafe’s original location in Bernalillo,  a town just north of Albuquerque.  The drive to Bernalillo is via the rural and scenic Highway 313.  The town has a rich history of Native American habitation with the ruins of the Kuaua Pueblo and, in 1540, was the site where the Spanish explorer and soldier Coronado and his men encamped for a couple of years.

Many club members started out early in the morning to make it to the restaurant at 7:30AM.  The turnout was an impressive 30 club members and guests as well as 9 Model Ts.  Among the people a the Range Cafe’ this morning were recent club members Phil and Jessica Vance who were attending their second club breakfast.  Attending their first Model T club breakfast were Ben Castillo and Vangie Garcia.  Ben purchased two 1915 speedsters approximately a year and a half ago at an auction in Bosque Farms (the same auction where Bob and Sherri Jackson purchased their 1925 touring car).  Surprisingly, Ben’s two 1915 speedster engine blocks were cast three days apart (4-3-15 and 4-6-15).

I’m very happy to report that Ben and Vangie joined our club after attending the breakfast, so we be seeing a lot more of them and the two speedsters in the future.

Thank you Bill and Donna for hosting this enjoyable and delicious event!