Senior Care Center Visit (August 6, 2016)

Dave, the Buena Vista Senior Care facility Director, contacted our club President, Mark Dominguez, about showing our Model T’s at the facility on Saturday, August 6th.  The Tin Lizzies had two cars there last year.  Buena Vista Senior Care is a small residential assisted living home in Western Albuquerque that provides high quality care for individuals of advanced age and/or with dementia.

This year, seven Model T’s made it to the brief event.  The Ducan’s brought their 1920 touring car, the Gauna’s had their 1917 depot hack, the Wing’s drove their 1924 coupe, Mark Dominguez had his 1927 touring, Kirk and Cameron Peterson came in their 1927 touring, Larry Azevedo drove his 1923 “Gilmore” speedster, and Don Mitchell drove his 1927 Tudor.

The residents were brought out by Senior Care staff members to enjoy the cars that some undoubtedly remembered.  One resident, Dave Bryson, was born in 1920 in Detroit, and got a chance to be driven around in the the Duncan’s 1920 touring car!  He smiled broadly when asked how he liked the drive.

Thanks to the Buena Vista Senior Care facility and Mark D. for organizing the event!