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The Tin Lizzies of Albuquerque is an official Chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America. It is required that officers, directors and 50% of our members be members of the MTFCA. Individual membership is strongly encouraged and available for $40.00 per year, which includes the Vintage Ford Magazine. Application for on web site and at bottom of club application.

The Model T Ford Club of America (MTFCA) is the largest Model T club in the world; over 20,000 people world-wide have joined since 1965.

Membership in MTFCA is not required to be a member of the Tin Lizzies of Albuquerque, but the additional benefits are well worth it. These benefits include, but are not limited to: subscription to the Vintage Ford, an internationally recognized for excellence bi-monthly publication; participation in a public liability insurance program; and so much more.

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MTFCA Chapters and Affiliates

Any group of Model T Ford enthusiasts may affiliate with the Model T Ford Club of America (referred to as the “National”). Becoming a Chapter or an Affiliate of the MTFCA requires no payments to the National by the affiliating club, and the National in no way dictates how the chapter or affiliate runs its own affairs. Existing clubs, whether affiliated with another national club or not, may become MTFCA affiliates upon application, and need not renounce their previous affiliation. Any group may become an affiliate of the MTFCA upon request.

Affiliates need not meet any of the requirements for Chapter status. In essence, affiliation amounts to a mutual agreement for one to support the other.


Qualifications for Chapter Status

1. A minimum of five (5) members of the National are required for active Chapter status.

2. The president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and all directors of the Chapter must also be National members.

3. A minimum of 50% of a Chapter’s members must also be members of the National. (For the chapter to participate in the National’s liability insurance program, Nos. 1, 2 and 3 must be met.)

4. A Chapter must have Bylaws that are not in conflict with those of the National.

5. A Chapter must submit a list of its officers and membership, with full addresses and MTFCA member numbers, to the National before March 1st of each year. Failure to do so will automatically reduce the Chapter to an Affiliate status.


What the National offers the Chapter

1. Chapters can participate in the public liability insurance program for no cost to the chapter for each year that the Chapter qualifies. In general, this insurance protects the Chapter somewhat in the manner in which a homeowner’s policy protects the homeowner. This coverage does not eliminate the need for individual automobile insurance coverage as required by most states. The National coverage can apply to meetings, tours, swap meets, etc.

2. The National will mail one copy of the Vintage Ford to the Chapter each issue. The mailing address must be either to a post office or that of a member of the National.

3 National affiliation. Contact with other Chapters; coordinated events, etc.

4. The National will supply a list of its members in the Chapter’s area upon request , at any time.



While the National does not dictate how a Chapter should be run, we do suggest the following:

1. The Chapter should incorporate in its own state. Incorporation can prevent individual members being liable for the actions of the Chapter, among other things. Incorporation in most states can be done easily by contacting the Secretary of State of the Chapter’s state. An attorney is usually not necessary.

2. The Chapter should schedule its events in advance so that its members will know what’s ahead.

3. The Chapter should have a permanent address; one that does not change each year with new officers, etc.

4. The Chapter should elect a person to act as liaison between the Chapter and the National.

5. The Chapter should make some effort to have its members also join the National. This is the main purpose for our mailing of the magazine to the Chapter. The National will, from time to time, send letters and applications to Chapter members who are not National members. A copy of the National Bylaws in contained in Operations manual and available on line at the MTFCA site. These Bylaws can be used as a guide for Chapter’s own Bylaws.