Car Show at Rich Ford (March 7, 2015)

On Saturday, March 7th, we held our annual Tin Lizzies car show at Rich Ford in Albuquerque. This Ford dealership (the largest in New Mexico) was celebrating its 54th year in business and generously offered to have us show our cars on the same day as the local Mustang club.  We had a great turnout of 17 cars located on the west end of the dealership grounds.  To commemorate a century of Ford automobiles, Larry and Lorna Azevedo responded to the dealership request to put 1915 cars in the showroom by bringing their 1915 speedster, “the Lorna Special”, and a rare 1915 Coupelet – a car restored by Larry’s late father, and noted Model T collector, George Azevedo of Gilroy, California.  The “Lorna Special” had been lowered from a stock Model T, its engine modified, and it sports a lovely paint job and custom pin striping.  The coupelet (1915-1917) is a rare form of Model T and was considered an upscale model with padded dash and lined leather top in the 1915 model year.  As they were more expensive than typical Model Ts, sales were sluggish and few coupelets were made.  Today they are highly prized by collectors and we are lucky that we have one in New Mexico.

The festivities at Rich Ford had been heavily advertised.  In addition to our club showing our Model Ts, and the great display of Mustangs, “Bigfoot” a monster truck was also there that day to delight the crowds by running over and crushing other cars!  Everyone was amazed that Bigfoot didn’t tip over.

This car show was also memorable because it marks the first time that our club had seen Bob and Robbi Ross’ 1925 fire truck.  This Model T has a truck Ruckstell rear end and has a top speed of approximately 25 mph.  The fire truck looked great and we hope to it see more often in the future.

Also visiting our show were Bill Barnhouse and his son Gene.  Bill was a Tin Lizzie member in the 1990’s and has rejoined the club!  Bill has a nice 1919 touring car that we are all looking forward to seeing.

Thank you to Linda Riel for organizing this event and to Dennis Snyder and the great folks at Rich Ford for inviting us to their dealership anniversary!

Levi - a young Model T enthusiast in Dave Ferro's 1918 depot hack. Mark Dominguez and Kirk Peterson in "Buster" his 1924 coupe. Larry and Lorna arrive in their 1926 speedster. Stan Gauna in his 1917 depot hack. Vern Harvey's authentic 1923 dirt track racer. Vern Harvey and Larry Azevedo Neil O'Brien parking his 1920 Luverne fire truck Vern Harvey looking at the 1915 Model T display in the Rich Ford showroom Jeff Richards, Betty Housholder, and Vern Harvey at the Mustang Cafe'. In the foreground are Don Mitchell and Dave Ferro. Mark Dominguez, Kirk Peterson, Vern Harvey, and Larry Azevedo at breakfast. Donna Hansen gets a hug from Linda Riel Larry with his 1915 coupelet in the Rich Ford showroom. Larry working on Dave and Ann Merewether's transmission. Robbi and Bob Ross in their 1925 fire truck. Robbi and Bob Our Model Ts on display Another view of the Model Ts Bill Barnhouse (our newest club member) and his son Gene Bill Scorah and Skip Dunn The O'Brien's 1920 fire truck and Vern Harvey 's 1923 speedster The Hansen's 1924 Model T touring car and the O'Brien's 1920 Luverne fire truck. Janice and "Reina" Mark (Club President), Kirk (Board Member), and Stan (Club Vice President) Betty Housholder and her 1921 coupe Kirk's "Buster", a 1924 coupe next to Larry's 1926 speedster - his first car! Don Mitchell's 1927 Tudor next to Vern Harvey's 1923 speedster Lorna with her friend and fellow dancer, Shirley Bill and Donna Hansen's outstanding 1924 touring car The O'Brien's 1920 Luverne fire truck and display Ann Merewether with her 1917 pickup truck