Car Show at Power Ford (May 7, 2016)

The local Cougar Club invited the Tin Lizzies to show our cars at Power Ford (Montano Blvd near I-25) on Saturday, May 7th.  Five Model T’s were able to make it to the show that day – Mark Dominguez brought his 1927 touring, Don Mitchell drove his 1927 Tudor, Betty and Mike Housholder came in Betty’s 1921 coupe, Mark Wing drove his 1924 coupe, and Paul and Marilyn Duncan arrived in their 1920 touring car.  Also joining us were Stan Gauna and Bernice Young.

Power Ford provided a very nice lunch of hot dogs, and BBQ chicken and ribs.  The food was terrific.  In addition to our cars, there were also T-Birds, Cougars, Mustangs, and vintage Ford trucks.  The weather was great and everyone had a good time.

Thank you Power Ford!