Breakfast at the Range Cafe’ (Oct. 10, 2015)

Neil and Mary Ann O’Brien were the hosts of the Tn’Vittles breakfast at the Range Cafe’ on Saturday, October 10th.  Twenty-five club members and guests came to the breakfast as well as 3 Model Ts and one 1948 Ford hotrod owned by Art Gebeau (our Club member in Grants, NM).  The food was delicious and everyone had a wonderful time!

Thank you Neil and Mary Ann for hosting this breakfast event!

Larry Azevedo held a work party at his garage in Corrales, NM after breakfast.  He had recently returned from northern California with five Model T engines and a couple of frames.  Larry plans to break the engines down and add the parts to his inventory.

Jeff Richards brought the front spindles to Lulu Bell, Linda Riel’s 1926 Fordor.  Jeff was going to install new bushings to eliminate wheel shimmy.