Breakfast at Route 66 Diner (Jan. 14, 2017)

Story and photos by Mark Wing.

Bob and Robbie Ross hosted the first Tn’Vittles breakfast of 2017 at the Route 66 Diner on Central Ave. This diner is an Art Deco styled building and full of gas station memorabilia from the 1940’s -60’s.  The weather this time of year is cold and the Diner is located in an area under construction.  The Albuquerque Rapid Transit or ART project which, we’re told by the city, combines many features of rail transit with the flexibility of buses, has close two of the lanes of the 4-lane avenue.  On a weekday, this area would be horribly congested, but on this Saturday, it was easy to access the Diner.  Only two brave Model T club members drove their cars this day, they were the Azevedo’s in their very original 1923 coupe (original upholstery and paint) and Don Mitchell who drove his 1927 Tudor.  Don recently installed wire wheels on his car where he formerly had varnished wood.

We had 26 members and guests in attendance.  Julie Dilts (a long-time member who moved to New Orleans with her husband Russell) was in town and was able to make it to the breakfast.  Also joining us for their first Tin Lizzie breakfast was the Greenwood family – Aaron, Whitey, Liam, and Eddie.  They have taken an interest in the club and participated in the Holiday Light Parade in Corrales as well a couple of Larry’s work parties.

Thank you Bob and Robbi for hosting this event!