About Us

Doug and John working on Bruce’s 1926 coupe.

Helpful Members

Learn from the members: Where can I get insurance? Where can I get replacements parts? Who knows how this is supposed to work? How do I get lower cost vehicle licensing? Can anyone fix this? Is this normal? Wow, what’s that thing?




Tin Lizzies at the Range Cafe’

Tasty Food and Good Company!

What’s T’n Vittles? Each month a member (members take turns) arranges (hosts) a morning meal. Each participant pays for his/her own meal. It is always held locally (usually at a restaurant) during weekend morning hours, during low traffic times.




Don with the “Rubber Chicken”

Good Times!

What’s the Rubber Chicken? Is this a good thing? Well, not really, but it sure can be funny. Members earn the “rubber chicken” award (max. 2 honorees at a time please) for, well . . ., boo-boos. Members qualify by doing things like: driving into the ditch, instead of on the road; leaving after a rest stop, and forgetting a passenger; flat tires w/o a pump or spare, etc.



How do I join?