4th of July Parade and Picnic

Larry and Lorna Azevedo hosted their annual 4th of July parade in Corrales and picnic at their home.  Parade participants gathered at the Azevedos around 8:30 to decorate their cars and, around 10:00 the Tin Lizzies assembled at a staging area to await our turn to enter the parade route on Corrales Road.  There was a great turnout of spectators enjoying the feel of a small-town parade that would have been common decades ago.

After the parade, everyone returned to Larry and Lorna’s for a picnic of hamburgers, hot dogs, and huge selection of side dishes and deserts.  Joining our Model T club was the local Model A club (Pocos Quatros), and the V8 Club.

It was a very enjoyable and relaxing picnic under the shade of the cottonwood trees.  Thank you Larry and Lorna for your generosity in hosting this annual event!