Work Party at Larry’s Garage (Sept. 9, 2017)

By Mark Wing

The work party at Larry’s garage, following the breakfast that they hosted at Weck’s restaurant, was relatively quiet.  One of Roger Burton’s co-workers (Andrew) attended this work party for the first time.  Larry gave Andrew a tour of his shop and “Big Barn” where the bulk of his collection of 10 Model T’s is stored.  Hopefully Andrew will join our club!

The Duncan’s had driven their recently acquired 1927 Model T pickup truck for work on their brakes.  The Duncan’s had bought the work-in-progress from Delbert, brother-in-law of Tin Lizzie member Brian Dean.  Almost all the parts were included with the transaction, so most of the project had focused on finishing body work, installing upholstery and the top, changing fasteners to more authentic ones, and painting.  The engine/transmission work was already completed when they acquired the car.

Thank you Larry for the work party!