Work Party at Larry’s Garage (Oct. 22, 2016)

Some of the projects at this work party were continuations of those from the previous week.

The Langdon’s continued work on their 1926 coupe. They were focusing on the electrical system which included commutator adjustment, new wiring, and coil rebuilding and adjustment.

Mark Wing was still working on preparing a front axle for his 1925 touring car.  Larry A. and Vern Willan prepared Larry’s MIG welder and filled a few holes in the axle that were used by a previous owner to mount a license plate.  Once the welds were ground down, the axle looked great!  It’s primed now, but will require a little straightening on Larry’s hydraulic press at the next work party.

The Lance’s continued assembly of their 1919 engine and transmission.  Zack was installing new bushings in a 26/27 style fan hub, and later was installing valve cover.

Paul Duncan brought a linkage for his 1927 Model T pickup truck project.  With the Langdon’s 1926 coupe in Larry’s garage, Paul was able to check the fit of his linkage on their car.

Thank you Larry for another productive and enjoyable work party!