Work Party at Larry’s Garage (Nov. 12, 2016)

The work party at Larry’s Garage on Saturday, Nov. 12th was held after the club breakfast at Weck’s restaurant.  Among the projects this day were Paul and Marilyn Duncan working on a carburetor linkage for their recently acquired 1927 pickup truck.  After adjusting the linkage with Larry’s gas welding equipment, the Duncan’s installed it on their pickup truck which they had left at home.  Now that the carburetor was working correctly, Paul and Marilyn were able to drive it back to Larry’s after lunch to add mounting hardware to their top irons and bows.  The top bows and irons appear to be new old stock (NOS), and had never been drilled for windshield mounting brackets.  The top bows are quarter-sawn oak and are beautiful. The round tube radiator on this pickup truck was from a stash of NOS parts in Colorado – making it extremely rare and interesting. The pickup was recently painted with the assistance of fellow club member Al Schwanke and the Duncan’s are in the process of final assembly.

Larry and Steve Langdon continued work on their 1926 coupe.  Their focus on this work day was to replace a leaking sediment bowl and repair a loose front end.  Among the problems causing front end play was a loose nut holding one of the spindle arms.  Larry A. also found that the linkages were worn out.  With some careful grinding and adjustments, the front end is now much tighter.

Mark Wing brought a couple of front frame cross members for examination and repair.  One was NOS, and the second, upon further examination, turned out to be from a 1926/27 frame as it only had two holes per end (on the top surface) instead of three.  On a 1926/27 frame, the radiator mounting bolts don’t pass all the way through the upper and lower parts of the frame.  The NOS cross member is a good candidate to replace a damaged and rusty one on Mark’s 1925 touring car project.  Mark also brought front spindles for cleaning and bushing replacement for the same 1925 touring project.

Thanks Larry for a great work party!