Work Party at Larry’s Garage (May 27, 2017)

Story by Larry Azevedo, photos by Mark Wing

Wednesday (May 24th)

We had Frank Lewark, Vern Willan, Kirk Peterson, Paul and Marilyn Duncan working on the roadster today. Vern and Betty Houston also came and checked out the car. We got a lot done: the top is finished except for a little gimp binding to add,  2 of the 3 kick panels are installed, the turtle deck is ready to mount, the stop light switch is installed, the stop light and tail light are installed, the tool box lid was fixed, an oil was nearly fixed (it is a Model T after all). We ran the engine and drove the car around and everything looks OK. For Saturday we have left the followed to do: fix a small carb gas leak, finish the gimp binding, install the last kick panel, install the turtle deck, check the tire pressure, adjust the bands and install a push switch to energize the alternator. That’s it!!!

See everyone tomorrow night at the fashion show!  Note: the fashion show, created and organized by Lorna Azevedo, was held at our club meeting on Thursday (May 25th):


Saturday (May 27th)

We finished up the roadster today! Bob Hawk, Bob Ross, Steve Kranz, Mark Wing, Roger Burton (his birthday today!), Janie Burton, Kirby Oemke, Michael Housholder, Vern Armstrong, Dave Ferro and Bill Hansen came. We removed the coil box and did some repairs, adjusted coils, adjusted the bands and installed new band springs, adjusted the floorboards to not interfere with the pedals, installed all the gimp molding, mounted the spare tire, installed the last kick panel, installed a lock on the exhaust pipe nut, fixed the carburetor adjustment rod, installed an oil screen, reengineered the spark rod and installed the turtle deck. Steve got a driving lesson around the soccer field. It’s ready to go!

Thanks to all the Tin Lizzies who helped out on the project!