Work Party at Larry’s Garage (May 2, 2015)

This Saturday work party at Larry’s garage was attended by Bob Ross, Nick Serna, Dave Ferro, and Mark Wing.

Bob had found a vintage rusty dual spare tire carrier and spent some time at this work party media blasting it to prepare it for paint.

Nick continued working on his transmission.  Nick and Larry had carefully adjusted magnet heights and peened over the brass screws holding the magnets in place. At the end of the day, the triple gears and drums were assembled, having had new bushings installed and reamed at a previous work parties

Dave Ferro was working on the rear wheels to his 1918 depot hack.  The front wheels had been restored previously and were in good condition.  In the interest of safety, Dave ordered new McLaren split rims (the car already had 21″ wheels), new spokes from Lang’s, and powder coated (in red) all the metal components.  After the new spokes were installed and the 8″ drums were bolted together, Dave ground off the excess length on the bolts before peening them over.  When this was completed, he installed new inner tubes and mounted his new Firestone gum dipped tires.

Mark continued work on his 1925 Touring car transmission.  The parts for this transmission were selected from three transmissions for the parts in the best condition as well as for triple gears of similar weight.  The old bushings were pressed (or machined) out and new ones installed.  The pins in the flywheel were replaced and the triple gear bushings will be reamed for a correct fit at a future work party.

Thank you Larry for a great work party!