Work Party at Larry’s Garage (July 23, 2016)

There were several projects undertaken at this July 23 work party at Larry’s garage.  Stan Gauna was relining the bands for his 1917 depot hack.  The previous bands were cotton and were very worn out.  The Lance family continued work on their 1919 engine/transmission.  Danielle, Jessalyn, Zack, Phil, and their friend visiting from Germany – Rene’.  Dave Ferro was troubleshooting a malfunctioning Holley NH carburetor that was hard starting.

The previous week, Don and Nancy Houseman’s 1926 speedster, was recovered after having been stolen during the 2016 MTFCA tour.  Larry (the Houseman’s local police contact) retrieved the speedster from an arroyo south of I-25 and Rio Bravo, and it was now stored in Larry’s big barn.  The Houseman’s were absolutely thrilled to have their car back, especially since it had suffered little damage at the hands of the thieves.  Larry and Lorna will drive it out to the Houseman’s in Northern California soon.