Work Party at Larry’s Garage (July 16, 2016)

Joining us for his first Model T work party was Renee, visiting the Lance family from Germany. Rene’ had visited the Lance’s three time earlier as a foreign exchange student and this, his fourth visit, was as a friend and tourist.

This work party was focused solely on helping Sharron G., a new Tin Lizzie member, get her 1924 Model T fire truck running again.  The car was cherished by Sharron’s late husband, Mikel, and it had not run or several years.  The fire truck was trailered over to Larry’s garage and the team went to work checking and topping off fluids, tightening spokes, repairing a broken fender support, and cleaning the fuel system.

The sediment bowl turned out to be badly clogged with rusty particles as was the gas tank.  The carburetor was cleaned and the float valve replaced due to a “shoulder” on the tapered part of the valve.  Everything was reassembled and the fire truck started, but would only run for a short time.  It showed all the symptoms of fuel starvation and ran just long enough to have expended the gas present in the bowl.  The culprit turned out to be the fuel line that became clogged even after having been blown clear with compressed air.  Larry decided to replace the gas line to remove some loops in the old line and to ensure no other problems.  Once this was done, the truck ran smoothly and sounded very good!  Larry and Sharron went for a test drive and Sharron got her first lesson on driving her Model T.

We first met Sharron when she joined us for the recent 2016 MTFCA Land of Enchantment Tour and we hope to see her and her sister Rita Loy at more Tin Lizzie events in the future.  Thank you to Larry and all the club members who pitched in to get this charming Model T running again!