Work Party at Larry’s Garage (Jan. 24 and 31, 2015)

Larry held work parties on the last two Saturdays of the month – January 24th and 31st.  Excellent progress was made on many of the projects that had been started previously.  These included Bill Hansen showing everyone the New Mexico 1924 license plate that he purchased on Ebay that he had freshly painted.  The plate is destined for his and Donna’s 1924 Model T touring car “Irene”.

New club members Zack and his father Phil were working on the 1941 Mercury sedan engine that Zack had recently purchased from Larry.  The engine was on the engine stand, had been  stripped down, and now the goal was to remove broken head bolts and stubborn valves.

Art Gebeau continued working on his 1926 speedster project.  The engine is nearly complete and he’s now focusing on the transmission.  Larry had been researching techniques to balance the transmission and had studied the work and documentation done by the Tulsa, OK chapter of the MTFCA. Mike Bender’s recommendations for balancing studied and tried Art’s transmission project.  Larry was carefully noting the areas that were too heavy and calculated the amount of material needed to be removed from the heavy side of the flywheel and drums.  The locations were chosen carefully so as not to weaken the casings.  After a lot of work and patience, the result was much better balanced transmission components!

Nick Serna was making progress on disassembling his generator for his 1926 Tudor.  He had also been cleaning and restoring the parts to his vaporizer carburetor.

Mark Wing and Dave Ferro had Mark’s 1924 coupe on the lift to more easily reinstall the engine pans and to paint the bolts and nuts.  The passenger’s side pan is specific to this car because if a notch needed to clear an after-market bumper bracket.  The bumpers are thought to have been installed by a dealership when the car was new.

For Mark’s 1925 touring car project, a new gear was pressed onto a balanced SCAT crankshaft and the main bearing caps installed.  All of the boring and lapping had been done previously and the crank turned freely once torqued down.  The newly babbitted rods and piston sub-assemblies were also prepared.  They’ll be installed last when all the transmission work is complete.

Marilyn Duncan brought along some cowl lights to be media blasted.  She needs two complete sets for both her and Paul’s 1920 touring car (now restored), as well as for their 1918 pickup truck now under restoration.

These were two great work parties and a lot was accomplished.  Thank you Larry!