Work Party at Larry’s Garage (Jan. 21, 2017)

Story and photos by Mark Wing.

This was the second of Larry’s work parties for 2017 and it was a pretty cold morning.  The Duncans brought a set of wire wheels for their 1927 pickup truck that had recently been powder coated.  Among their tasks was to mount new Firestone tires on these wheels.  In preparation, the tires were left near Larry’s shop heater to soften the rubber and the club members pitched in to help them with the mounting. The Duncans also brought a set of wood wheels that they had just restored.  Marilyn had recently given the wheels 6 coats of thin varnish over the black paint.

The Phil and Zack Lance continued work on their 1919 engine.

Aaron, Liam, and Eddie brought wood to cut and build a tool box to hold Liam’s growing tool set.

When he wasn’t helping others with their projects, Larry was scraping out the tar from a coil to replace the capacitor.

Scott continued to work on the babbitt for his Model A engine block that needed the center main bearing recast and bored.  The outer main bearings were in good condition and on this day, Scott used a Dremel Tool to add an oil slot to the babbitt.

Mark brought 26/27 rear wheels to disassemble in preparation for replacing the stock large drums for Texas T Parts drums with disk brakes.  The rear differential housings received new brake cams.  The bushings had already been replaced at an earlier work party. One of the holes that holds the pin for the thrust washer was wallowed out, so Larry drilled new holes 90 degrees from the original ones.  With these procedures complete, the housings were in good mechanical shape.  They were wire brushed and cleaned in preparation for painting.

Thank you Larry for generously opening your shop on this cold Saturday!