Work Party at Larry’s Garage (Feb. 25, 2017)

Story and photos by Mark Wing

The work party at Larry’s garage on Saturday, February 25th had a wide range of projects in progress.  Work continued on Jessalyn and Danielle Lance’s 1926 roadster; the Duncans were repairing some split rims and changing tires; Mark Wing was working on assembling a large drum disk brake with floating hubs; Kirk installed original coupe seats in “Buster”, his 1925 coupe; and Al Schwanke and Larry were working on the 1926 touring body for Larry’s grandson Cole.  Joining us for the first time was Steve Wheeler, a friend and co-worker of Bill Hansen.  Steve had restored a Model A some decades ago so he is no stranger to vintage cars.

The Lance family are making great progress on their 1926 roadster project.  Key number 55 was purchased for the ignition, and on this day, the ignition switch had to be rebuilt.  New commutator wires were run and Zack Lance brazed together some exhaust piping.

Marilyn and Paul Duncan were fashioning new latches for a set of split rims. Larry welded the latches to the rims and Dave Ferro ground the welds down.

Mark Wing brought large drum disk brakes and floating hubs for assembly.  The floating hub required a little machining to allow for proper mating with the end of the tapered axle shaft.  Once this was done, the rear hub bolts were torqued down and Larry added small welds to keep the floating hubs and drum from moving.  These wheels are ready for final painting and detailing.

Kirk had bought a set of seats with original upholstery from the Model T Haven and installed them in “Buster” his 1925 coupe.  The fit was perfect and seats are in surprisingly good condition.  Kirk was very pleased with his purchase!

Larry and Cole recently welded the cracks and fabricated other parts on Cole’s 1926 touring body.  Cole is now back home in Missouri and Larry and Al Schwanke have moved the project forward by filling and priming the body.

It was a very fun and productive work party!