Tin Lizzies at the Coronado Monument 75th Anniversary (May 30, 2015)

Tin Lizzie member, Ethan Ortega, is a Ranger at the Coronado State Monument in Bernalillo, NM.  Ethan organized for our club and some Model A’s to show our cars as part of the 75th anniversary of this historical site.  Instead of the typical show of our cars in a parking lot, Ethan had arranged for some of our cars to be strategically placed around the site to simulate an early archaeological dig complete with boxes of “artifacts”.  The event organizers also provided our club members with a delicious lunch of sandwiches, fried chicken, fruit, chips, and drinks from the Tamaya Resort!

Making it’s appearance for the first time was Larry and Lorna Azevedo’s latest acquisition, the 1921 “Gilmore” speedster.  This special and beautifully detailed speedster was built and owned by a family friend in Northern California who, unfortunately, no longer has the mobility to be able to drive the car.  The previous owner was delighted to sell the “T” to Larry and Lorna, and the Gilmore speedster makes the fifth speedster and tenth Model T for the Azevedo collection!

Thank you Ethan for organizing this enjoyable event!