Rich Ford Edgewood Car Show (Aug. 14, 2016)

In celebration of their 17th anniversary, the Rich Ford dealership in Edgewood, NM invited the Tin Lizzies to show our cars on Sunday, August 14th.  We usually show our Model T’s on the same day as the Model A Ford club, but on this weekend, they had shown their cars the previous day.

We had 14 cars on display at the dealership.  Of special note was Art Gebeau bringing a new acquisition to the show.  Art had purchased a custom 1922 boat tail speedster from Frank Harris in Huntington Beach.  Art bought the car in July, and had only driven it a few miles.  Art is taller than the previous owner, so one of his first projects is to move the driver’s seat a few inches back to provide more leg room.  Once this modification is done, it will be much easier for Art to drive and enjoy it.

For entertainment, the Rich Ford dealership arranged for a show by “Tail Gator” a monster truck.  It put on quite a show by running over cars and leaping high into the air!

Stan and Janice’s Buick was 16 years old and had racked up a lot of miles, so on this special day, they took the leap and purchased a new Ford Taurus!  Congratulations Stan and Janice!

Thanks to Linda Riel for arranging the show and to Dennis Snyder and the good folks at Rich Ford for inviting us to show our cars!