Firkin Brewhouse Grand Opening (March 19, 2016)

On Saturday, March 19th, the Tin Lizzies were invited to show our cars at the grand opening of the Firkin Brewhouse and Grill by Bill Walters, one of the owners.  A firkin is an old English term for a barrel holding approximately 9 Imperial gallons of beer or ale.  This 1920’s themed brewhouse is located on Columbia Dr., in the northeastern part of Albuquerque.  It’s an area that has become the epicenter of a brewery renaissance in the Albuquerque area.  The Firkin Brewhouse makes the sixth brewery within a one mile radius.  In addition to serving beers, the Firkin Brewhouse also serves delicious sandwiches and artisan root beer and ginger ales!

Seven Model Ts were driven to the brewhouse grand opening, Mark Dominguez drove his 1927 touring car, Linda Riel and Jeff Richards brought Linda’s 1926 Fordor “LuLu Bell”, Larry Azevedo drove his 1923 “Gilmore” speedster, Clarence and Lena Schritter’s 1923 runabout was there (driven by their granddaughter Samantha’s husband Gabriel), the Wings brought their 1925 coupe, and Bob Ross brought his 1923 firetruck.

Mark Dominguez provided rides in his 1927 touring to some of the Grand Opening attendees.

Our thanks to Bill Walters and the folks at the Firkin Brewhouse and best wishes on your new endeavor!