Car Show at Rich Ford Edgewood (Aug. 22, 2015)

Linda Riel organized our annual Tin Lizzie car show at the Rich Ford car dealership in Edgewood, NM (approximately a 40 minute drive east of Albuquerque via old Route 66).  We first gathered at a rendezvous point in Albuquerque at the entrance to Tijeras Canyon and drove en mass to Edgewood.  Fifteen Tin Lizzies were on display this day including pickup trucks, coupes, touring cars, speedsters, and custom Model T’s.

In addition to the Tin Lizzies of Albuquerque, also showing their cars this day was the local Model A club, the “Pocos Quatros” or Little Fours.  As always, their club had an impressive showing of very sharp cars!

This show was special because we picked up two new members!  Carlos and Carolyn Neverez (Don and Barbara Souther’s son-in-law and daughter), are the newest members of our club!

Also joining us this day was Delbert (Brian Dean’s brother-in-law) visiting from South Fork, Colorado.  Delbert has a 1927 Model T pickup truck that he wanted to sell and the Rich Ford car show as a good venue for the car to be seen by a lot of people.  The car is being housed in the Albuquerque area and just needs to be finished.  The car is quite complete and it would be great to keep it in our local club!

Thank you Linda for organizing this enjoyable annual event and thank you to Dennis Snyder and the great folks at Rich Ford for inviting us!