Car Show a Rich Ford (Mar. 5, 2017)

Story and photos by Mark Wing

Linda Riel organized a showing of our club cars at Rich Ford Albuquerque on Sunday, March 5th.  To honor Model Ts a century old, Dave and Ann Merewether, and Stan and Janice Gauna, had their 1917 pickup and 1917 depot hack on display in the showroom.  The weather was comfortably warm and we had a good turnout of 16 cars.

The Lance family’s 1926 roadster, that was being worked on at Larry’s garage, was trailered to Rich Ford for display and to replace the bands.  The car had been driven by Larry Azevedo and Danielle Lance at a previous work party, but the low band was so worn out that the car wouldn’t start off in low band without a push.  Larry had collected all the tools and supplies needed for this “roadside” repair and put the items in his 1923 truck.  Luke, Larry and Lorna’s son-in-law, drove the truck to Rich Ford.  Larry, Zack, Danielle, and other club volunteers, removed the bands, cleaned the parts, and riveted a new set of Kevlar linings to the bands.  Once installed, the roadster was driven around the dealership grounds.  From not having been driven in forty of so years, the roadster is quickly getting a lot of items corrected to make it roadworthy again.  Coming soon will be an overhaul of the worn out front end and tightening of spokes on the wheels.

Thanks Linda for organizing this event!