Breakfast at Weck’s Rio Rancho (June 13, 2015)

Mark and Sharon Dominguez hosted the Tn’Vittles breakfast at Weck’s on Saturday, June 13th.  Weck’s is a restaurant chain specializing in breakfast and lunch and is known for serving great food at reasonable prices.  This breakfast was very well attended with a record breaking 39 Tin Lizzie members and a good showing of 8 Model T’s.

Making an appearance at their first club breakfast are Larry and Lorna Azevedo’s new neighbors, Dan and Holly Rochford, who recently moved to Corrales, NM from California.  Dan and Holly, undoubtedly noticing how much fun Larry and Lorna have with the Model T hobby, have joined the club!

Joining us also were Gabe and Samantha Sanchez (Samantha is the daughter of our current club President, Mark Dominguez, and his wife Sharon).  Samantha and Gabe are expecting their first child, and soon we’ll all welcome our youngest (fourth generation) Tin Lizzie member!  Samantha is the granddaughter of long-time club members Clarence and Lena Schritter.

Thank you Mark and Sharon for organizing this fun and tasty event!