Breakfast at Weck’s (Nov. 12, 2016)

Rose Ross was the hostess of this month’s Tn’Vittles breakfast.  She chose Weck’s on 4th St., (just north of Osuna), one of a local chain of restaurants famous for their well prepared breakfast and lunches at reasonable prices.  Five Model T’s were driven to the breakfast that morning, including Luke – who drove a very original wooden cab 1923 truck, the Azevedo’s arrived in their 1923 coupe, the Housholder’s in their 1921 coupe, the Hansen’s in their 1924 touring car “Irene”, and Don Mitchell who drove his 1927 Tudor.  25 Tin Lizzie club members made it to breakfast this morning and enjoyed the figurines that Rose had placed on the tables as well as the personalized signage.  After the great breakfast at Weck’s, several members drove to the nearby village of Corrales for a Model T work party at Larry’s Garage.

Thank you Rose for the well organized and enjoyable breakfast.  The decorations and personalized gifts were a very thoughtful touch!