Breakfast at Weck’s (Feb. 11, 2017)

Story and photos by Mark Wing.

The Tn’Vittles breakfast for February was hosted by Rose Ross at the Weck’s restaurant on 4th St., just north of Osuna Road, in the North Valley.  As it’s still cold, only two Model T were driven that morning.  Larry Azevedo came in his very original 1923 suicide-door coupe and the Ross’ drove their 1926 roadster.  The roadster recently had a wheel change from spokes to a set of wire wheels. Thirty club members were at the breakfast this morning.

In conjunction with the club breakfast, Rose had organized a fund raiser for a friend fighting cancer.  Rose had made up gift bags of decorator items, a antique car blanket, and bags of interest specifically to men and women.  She also decorated the tables with candy and other goodies at each of the tables.

It was a lot of work and organization to host this breakfast.  Thank you Rose for doing a terrific job!