Balloon Fiesta Car Show (Oct. 4, 2015)

Long-time Tin Lizzie club member, Betty Housholder, is a docent at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum and annually arranges for the club to show our Model Ts during the Balloon Fiesta.  The weather conditions on this Sunday morning were unusually warm (approx. 60 degrees – at least 10 degrees above normal), overcast (not unusual), but unlike previous years, suffered from a lack of wind!  In past years, balloons had been grounded due to excessive wind but no one recalled a time when balloons were prevented from launching due to an absence of wind.  In time, the wind did pick up enough for the balloons to lift off, if only briefly.

Eight Model Ts were on display ranging from 1916 to 1927.  There was a fair amount of foot traffic with curious visitors from Albuquerque and other states.  As the Balloon Fiesta crowds started to dissipate, it began to drizzle.  It was a fitting end to an unusual Balloon Fiesta day!

Thank you Betty for organizing the show!