4th of July Parade and Picnic in Corrales (July 4, 2015)

Larry and Lorna Azevedo hosted their annual 4th of July Parade and Picnic in Corrales, NM.  In addition to the Tin Lizzies, the Azevedo’s invited, and are also members of, the local Model A club (the Pocos Quatros “Little Fours”), and the V8 Club.  The attendance was fantastic with seventeen Model T’s making an appearance on this warm and sunny Saturday.

Everyone met at the Azevedo’s early in the morning to decorate their cars and drop off any food items for the potluck picnic that was to follow.  At 9 AM, everyone drove to the staging area at the beginning of the parade route.  The time waiting in this parking lot is filled with socializing and enjoying the summer weather.   When the parade did start, the O’Brien’s and the Ross’ firetrucks led the way.  As usual, the parade was rather slow, with more time parked than actually driving, but it was well-attended with spectators lining the streets of the Village of Corrales for an “old-time” parade down Corrales Road.  Outside of a couple of cars stalling, the parade was great fun and a success!

We enjoyed the rest of the holiday eating tasty hamburgers and hotdogs provided by the Azevedos as well as numerous side dishes and deserts.  What a wonderful way to spend a fun and relaxing 4th!

Thank you Larry and Lorna for making this a wonderful and memorable 4th of July!

The Ross' 1925 fire truck arrives Dave Ferro's depot hack with new club member Dan Rochford Orlando Ortega (Portales, NM) with our club president Mark Dominguez The Wing's 1924 coupe Neil O'Brien arrives with his 1920 Luverne fire truck full of young passengers The O'Brien family also includes their 1916 touring car (Tim at the wheel) Holly and Dave Rochford Vaughn, Mark, and Vernon with the 1925 telephone truck Guests of the O'Brien family and (we hope) new Model T enthusiasts! Lorna and Fran in beach attire - ready for the parade to begin! Bob Ross with his 1925 fire truck Tim O'Brien at the wheel of the family fire truck Sharon and Mark Dominguez at the wheel of Clarence and Lena Schritter's 1923 runabout. Paul Duncan with his 1920 Model T touring car (Marilyn and JoAn in the background) Melody and Orlando Ortega at the wheel of their 1924 Model T touring car that they trailered from Portales, NM Vernon Armstrong at the wheel of Larry Azevedo's first car - a 1926 Model T speedster he built while in high school! Dave, Dan, and Holly The 1925 firetruck driving on the far side of an irrigation ditch. The streamers were attached to the rear-view mirror of the Wing's 1924 coupe MaryAnn and Neil O'Brien ready to drive their 1916 touring car The O'Brien's 1920 Luverne firetruck in the foreground Luke with Ezra - a young Model T admirer Ezra got a chance to ring the cow bell on the front of the Model T truck The Azevedo's latest acquisition - a 1921 "Gilmore" speedster from Northern California Model T's all lined up. In the foreground is the Duncan's 1920 touring car Marilyn, JoAn, Rose, and Vernon Orlando, Melody, Larry, and Holly Lorna, Ann, Dave M., and Dave F. Marilyn with Tom MacGugan who drove all the way from Las Cruces Young parade participants in the Azevedo's 1912 Model T touring car Tin Lizzies Larry and Vernon Bob firing up the siren as he begins the drive out of the staging area. Tim pulling out in the O'Brien family fire truck Allison and Luke in the Azevedo's truck Cole with his grandmother (Pam Davis) at the wheel of the "Gilmore" speedster Following behind the Merewether's 1917 pickup A dressed up lama was also in the parade! The parade in progress The Ross' parking in the shade at the Azevedo's Tom, JoAn, and Cathy enjoying the shade of the portal Tom Mile in the buffet line Sharon with her new granddaughter Lilly MaryAnn, Marilyn, and Sharon (with baby Lilly)