4th of July Parade and Picnic (2017)

Photos by Mark and Brendan Wing

This year’s 4th of July fell on a Tuesday.  Larry and Lorna Azevedo graciously offered their home in Corrales as the meeting location before the local 4th of July parade and for the picnic that followed. At 9AM our cars made the short trip from Larry and Lorna’s to a parking lot just off of Corrales Road at the northern end of the parade route to decorate our Model T’s and to wait for the parade to begin.  It’s always a great opportunity to see our fellow members Model T’s, as well as enjoy the vehicles brought by other car clubs.  The parade was well attended with 14 club Model T’s.  There were also a large number of spectators including a lot of young children.  It was a fantastic parade that evoked memories of parades in small towns of yesteryear.  No doubt these experiences will be fondly remembered by the children decades into the future!

After the parade, everyone made the short drive back to Larry and Lorna’s house for the picnic.  In addition to our Model T club, the Pocos Quatros (Little Fours), the local Model A club also joined us for the delightful afternoon in the park-like setting on the lawn under the shade of the cottonwood trees.  There were approximately 100 people in attendance to enjoy the hamburgers and hot dogs the Azevedo’s provided, as well as the numerous side dishes contributed by the parade participants.  It was a wonderful afternoon of good food and company.

Our sincere thanks to Larry and Lorna for generously hosting this fine and memorable annual event!